Vixen Body Art

Lip Tattoos

The Latest in Liprageous Lips

Temporary Tattoos are taking the world by storm as the ultimate beauty buy for girls who just want to have fun. With up to eight hours of staying power, and 12 liprageous prints for you to try, Vixen Temporary Lip Tattoos will ensure you become the centre of attention, not to mention the envy of all your friends!

Be creative, have fun and get loud with animal prints, glitter, hearts and polka dots. Each pack contains 3 lip tattoos.

Dare to be different today.

Be Vibrant, Be Vivid, Be Vixen!

Vixen Body Artâ„¢ are the ultimate accessories for you to stand out, be seen and express yourself. Adorn the lips, hair, eyes, body and nails your own way to suit the mood of the day then simply remove and re apply whenever and wherever you are. Be creative and achieve a variety of looks, from party princess to rock chic, or simply add a bit of bling to your style. Choose your mix from a range of temporary Lip Tattoos, 3D Nail Wraps, Hair and Body Crystals, Feather or Human Hair Extensions, Instant Eyeliner Strips, Hair Graffiti, War Paint and dare to be different today!